Help a Loved One by Working with Bail Agents in Hyattsville, MD

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Bail Bonds

After an arrest, it’s common for the accused to be provided a bail amount that can be paid to secure their release. It’s also common for this amount to be too high for them to afford, especially if they have limited funds to pay the bail and hire a lawyer as well. Those who want to help a loved one who has been arrested may want to work with Bail Agents in Hyattsville, MD.

Contact a Bail Agent Quickly

It’s important for the family member or friend of the arrested person to contact a bail agent quickly. This helps ensure the loved one won’t spend any more time in jail than necessary. Bail bond agents are typically available throughout the day or night and any day, including weekends and holidays. There’s no need to wait for Monday morning to help a loved one get out of jail.

Bring Information and a Way to Secure the Bond

Anyone who wants to obtain a bail bond will need to secure the bail bond with collateral or a deposit, so they should be prepared for this when they speak with the bondsman. They will also need basic information about the arrested person, such as their name, the charges, the bail amount, and the location of the jail, so the bondsman can pay the bail in full once the bond is secured.

The Arrested Person Will Be Released

Once the family member or friend has secured the bond and agreed to the terms, the bail agent will go to the jail and pay the bail in full. The jail then processes this payment and releases the arrested person. This can take some time to complete, depending on how quickly the bail agent can make the payment and how quickly the jail can process it. It may take longer during times where the jail is busier than usual simply because of the amount of people all being processed into the jail or trying to get released.

If you’d like to help a loved one who has been arrested, start working with one of the bail agents in Hyattsville, MD today. The one you work with can answer any questions you might have and walk you through the whole process. Contact Us if you’re ready to get started right away.

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