Call a Bail Bonds Company in Cleburne, TX for a Speedy Release from Jail

by | May 26, 2020 | Bail Bonds

The Bill of Rights can be thanked for protecting the rights of citizens who get arrested and put in jail. It states in the Eighth Amendment that excessive bail shall not be required. Unfortunately, any bail amount may be excessive to some people. When a citizen is arrested and cannot pay the amount of bail set by the courts, it’s time to call a bail bondsman for help.

Another amendment in the Bill of Rights states that there should be a speedy trial process. However, that is not always the case because of the many cases that have to pass through the court. Because of this, it is necessary in most instances to be bailed out of jail. This allows the accused to go to work and meet with a lawyer to build a case.

A bail bonds company in Cleburne, TX is ready to assist anyone who has been granted bail by the courts but cannot afford to take advantage of it. Once bail has been set, a call to Freedom Bail Bonds is all it takes. This business is open 24 hours a day, and will work to find the best solution for making bail.

The process is easy:

• Call the bond office and explain the situation.

• A bond officer meets with you to discuss which plan is best.

• Bail is posted.

• The accused walks out of jail with the promise to return to the court on the assigned day.

• The accused pays a fee, but gets most of the money back after showing up for court.

Using a bail bonds company in Cleburne, TX is convenient. In many cases, no collateral is needed when the bail bond agreement is made. The bondsman may also accept credit cards for payment. Each case is unique, and each case is handled discreetly and with total professionalism. It is simply a business transaction that helps both parties. The bail bonds company in Cleburne, TX offers sound advice and will help you better understand the plan of payment that’s best for you.

Don’t spend more time in jail than necessary. A bail bondsman is the answer to freedom and moving on with your life after that bump in the road.

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