Texans Getting Help from Hurst Bail Bonds

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Anyone who has had ever had a brush with the law may be familiar with bail bonds agencies, those businesses which assist defendants with getting out of jail. Some people that are arrested have jobs they must go to and can’t afford to stay locked up in jail, not even for one day. In Texas, defendants can get help with Hurst Bail Bonds when the judge has set a bail amount that they are unable to pay. Here is a look at what happens when the defendants get help from a bail bonds agency.

What Happens with Bail Bonds Agencies

When a bail bonds agency gets involved in a case with a defendant, the agency will charge the defendant a fee for services, which is usually 10 percent. In addition, the agency will probably require collateral from the defendant, or someone else who will act on behalf of the defendant if the defendant doesn’t have collateral. Such things that will be accepted for collateral are valuables such as jewelry, homes, automobiles, trucks, stocks, bonds, electronics, and gold.

What the Defendant Must Do

The defendant has the responsibility of showing up to all of the court hearings in order to not violate the terms of being released from jail. If the defendant does not show up for the court appearances, that will be considered “jumping or skipping bail,” and the defendant may have to return to jail. In addition, the defendant will put the collateral in jeopardy of having a lien placed upon it, which will cause a problem if someone else offered up the collateral. The simplest thing to do is for the defendant to just show up for all the court appearances.

Getting a Bail Bonds Agency

Getting a bail bonds agency will not be hard for a defendant to do, no matter what city the defendant resides in. The telephone numbers of agencies can usually be found somewhere where a defendant can get access to them when needed. For those defendants who live in or near the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, there are Hurst Bail Bonds available. Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today in the area.

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