How to Use a Bondsman in Mesa, AZ, to Post Your Bail and Get Released

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Bail Bonds

Even though a small bail amount for a misdemeanor crime is still several thousands of dollars, you still want to be able to post bail. Getting released from jail provides you the opportunity to look for a good lawyer and assist with your defense. This is where a local bondsman in Mesa, AZ, comes into play. A bondsman will post your bail to help you get released. and like any other loan, this can be a complex financial process that we can walk you through.

Apply For Bail

The first step in the process is to ask a loved one to apply for bail on your behalf. Since you’re not free to manage your own finances, you will need a spouse, parent, or adult child to go through the application process for you. This will involve showing documentation that states the required bail amount that must be paid to the courthouse clerk.

Post Collateral

The bondsman will run a credit check to ensure the applicant is a good risk. If not, they may require some form of collateral to get approved. The amount of collateral needed will depend on the amount of bail to be posted. For a misdemeanor that requires a few thousand dollars in bail, you may have a piece of jewelry or a car title that will be sufficient. For larger amounts, it’s not uncommon to use the deed to a house or other real estate as collateral.

Pay the Fee

Experienced local bondsman in Mesa, AZ, will get the full bail amount returned to them once you appear in court, you won’t have to repay that full amount. Instead, you’ll be required to pay a small percentage of that amount as the fee. The typical fee is 10% of the total bail amount.

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