Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa FL Help Clients With Insurance Claims for PTSD

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Lawyer

Post-traumatic stress disorder is most commonly associated with military troops who have seen and experienced ongoing horrific, frightening and life-threatening conditions. PTSD can develop because of many other terrible life incidents as well. Automotive accidents are the most frequent cause of this mental and emotional disorder, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa FL may be able to help a client obtain financial compensation for PTSD that has had a detrimental effect on the individual’s quality of life.

The insurance company will require verification from a mental health professional that the person actually has the condition. Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists look for a combination of symptoms to make a PTSD diagnosis. Some of these include insomnia, nightmares, panic attacks, chronic anxiety, flashbacks and emotional numbness. The individual may be obsessed with the accident and relive it again and again. In contrast, he or she may put forth the effort to avoid ever thinking about it. For instance, the person may refuse to drive on that road or ever go with someone else to that area. Being anywhere near the scene of the accident can lead to physical symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, and sweating.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa FL understand that these are very real effects that can be debilitating. The person may not have been physically injured, but that should not matter for the claims process. Instead of physical harm, the individual may have seen a fatality occur. The accident may even have killed someone in the same vehicle. The attorneys may ask the insurer for compensation to cover emotional pain and suffering, to include problems with close relationships because of PTSD and difficulties in the workplace. At the very least, compensation should be provided for mental health therapy for as long as the individual feels it is beneficial.

An attorney with a firm such as Florida Advocates – A Private Law Firm may need to manage a claim denial if the insurer states PTSD can only be caused by an overwhelming traumatic scenario, such as being in military combat. Providing reports from the APA and other professional associations supports the case.

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