Reviewing Liabilities and Responsibility with Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in Bellingham WA

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Lawyer

Pennsylvania residents are entitled to compensation after an owner fails to maintain their property. Under premises liability laws, which apply to public and private property, property owners must eliminate hazardous conditions that could lead to injuries. A slip and fall accident lawyer in Bellingham WA assists victims of premises liabilities file formal claims for compensation.

Who Is Liable for the Victim’s Injuries?

An investigation of the accident determines who is at fault in a premises liabilities case. The first step to make this distinction is to identify the property owner, next, the attorney determines if the owner was responsible for maintaining the property.

If the accident happened in a store, the owner is the first defendant; however, a manager could become a defendant if they were responsible directly for repairing the property. If the property is leased by a business, the tenant could be deemed liable. While they don’t own the property, they are required to report hazardous conditions to the owner, which includes damage that occurred during the leasing period.

What Conditions Caused the Injury?

The investigation reveals the condition that leads to the victim’s injuries. This determines if the condition was structural, a bio-hazard, and how severe it is. The type of hazard could lead to more litigants, and the nature of these conditions determines if additional health risks are associated with these hazards. The investigator reviews surveillance footage to access these conditions and the events leading up to the injuries.

Where Did the Failure Exist?

A failure leading to a slip and fall accident could exist in several circumstances, for example, if a host failed to acquire adequate security for an event, this failure could lead to an altercation, and this altercation could be the reason why the victim became injured.

Pennsylvania accident victims need solid evidence for a formal claim. This evidence pinpoints who is at fault and where the failure existed, and it helps the court determine who is responsible for the victim’s injuries and the nature of the hazards that caused the injuries. Pennsylvania accident victims should hire today slip and fall accident lawyers in Bellingham WA that require no fee if there is no recovery.

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