Obtaining Bail Advice in Burleson, Texas When Deciding Between Cash Bail and a Bond Service

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Bail Bonds

U.S. courts consider citizens charged with a crime to be innocent until proven guilty. Proof of guilt includes an admission of guilt that may happen in court or a plea bargain with the prosecution. The U.S. Constitution grants defendants a right to reasonable bail, but the concept of “reasonable” has become very questionable since so many defendants cannot afford it. Bail advice in Burleson, Texas is available from agencies that provide surety bonds as a substitute for cash bail.

Ways of Paying Bail

People who can actually afford bail may still want to get bail advice in Burleson, Texas, especially if they plan to fight the charges. Consider a person whose bail is set at $20,000. Theoretically, this individual may be able to take money from a money market account, a certificate of deposit, an investment account, or a retirement account. It might be possible to take out a second mortgage on the house.

However, not everyone feels comfortable with these options even though bail is refunded at the end of the case. They may prefer to hold onto that $20,000 and use some of it to pay a private defense attorney. A second mortgage may seem like a bad financial strategy, especially because now the house payments will be significantly higher. Paying a fee for a surety bond may be a smarter choice in certain circumstances, especially if $20,000 is all the person’s life savings.

Waiting for a Hearing

Some bail amounts are set automatically by a schedule in the jurisdiction. If the amount is high, the person may choose to wait in jail for the first hearing with a judge. The defense lawyer can advocate for a reduction in bail, which may be granted. The amount might be cut in half or even lowered to $5,000 if the judge feels this is reasonable.

If you’re not sure whether to pay cash bail or obtain a surety bond, an organization like Rogers’ Bail Bonds can help. The fee for the bond will be significantly lower because the bond amount will be lower, so this is still an option. Browse our website for more information.

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