In Texas, criminal defendants have the opportunity to get released from jail if they qualify for bail. Bail bondsmen provide products that cover the cost of the bail and allow them to get out of jail faster. The bonds options are cash or standard surety bonds. Reviewing details you need to know about Cash Surety explain why it is a beneficial choice.

Paying the Full Bail

The defendant is required to pay the full bail to the court using a surety bond. The court provides the cash amount during the criminal defendant’s arraignment. The bail bondsman provides the cash surety bond after the defendant or their representative pays the bail.

How Is It Different Than a Surety Bond?

The difference between a cash and a standard surety bond is that the cash bond requires the full bail price. The surety bond requires the defendant to pay between ten and fourteen percent of the bail to get the bond. The defendant uses collateral if they don’t have the cash needed to pay the fee.

How Do Defendants Get the Money Back?

Criminal defendants that choose cash surety bonds get their money back after they appear in court. The court provides a full refund without fees. If the defendant chose a surety bond instead, the bail bondsman keeps the fee used to secure the bail bond. Typically, the court provides a check to the criminal defendant or their representative after the appearance.

What Happens if the Defendant Doesn’t Appear?

If the criminal defendant doesn’t appear in court, then they are subject to an immediate arrest. The judge issues a bench warrant that gives the officers the right to arrest the defendant on sight without probable cause. The bail bond is revoked, and any collateral that was used to secure their bond is seized. With a cash surety bond, the defendant forfeits their right to get a refund.

In Texas, criminal defendants get out of jail by posting bail. Their options for getting out of jail are cash or standard surety bonds. A bail bondsman provides the bonds to defendants. Criminal defendants who need to get a Cash Surety bond visit right now. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.