People who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol can handle the situation in different ways. Some accept the consequences and deal with the penalties. Others accept a plea bargain arranged between the defense lawyer and the district attorney. Others, however, want a drunk driving lawyer in Beaver Dam, WI to fight the charge and see whether a better outcome can be achieved.

Consequences for Repeat Offenses

DUI charges are not mere traffic offenses with alcohol as a component. In Wisconsin, the charge is a criminal offense. Even a first conviction can bring significant penalties. When someone is facing a second or third charge within a certain number of years, jail time is inevitable.

The minimum incarceration penalty for a second conviction within a set time frame is five days, but it can be as long as six months. The driver’s license is revoked for a year at least, and being approved for an occupational license takes at least 60 days. A third offense has substantially harsher penalties, with a minimum of 30 days in jail, although the person may be approved for work release. A judge may issue a penalty of a full year behind bars.

Seeking Information for the Defense

A drunk driving lawyer in Beaver Dam, WI provides aggressive defense to prevent this from happening if at all possible. They look for technical problems with the evidence and other information that could help the client. This may convince a judge to dismiss the case or the district attorney to drop or reduce the charges. If necessary, they will bring the case to trial and seek an acquittal.

One of the more common pieces of information an organization like QBS Law S.C. seeks is whether the police had probable cause to stop the driver. Patrol officers cannot legally stop someone just because they suspect the person might be intoxicated. The driver has to make a questionable move or the vehicle must have a safety violation. For example, the driver might stop at a green arrow and not proceed forward, which indicates impaired judgment, or the vehicle might have a taillight that is not working, which is a safety issue. You can also visit them on Facebook.