How A Fort Worth In Bondsman Helps Criminal Defendants

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Texas, criminal defendants have options when seeking a release from the county jail. The judge sets bail for all eligible defendants, and the defendants either pay the bail or secure a bail bond. Hiring a there helps the defendant get released from jail for a small percentage of the bail.

Gather All Necessary Details

The bonding agent must acquire specific information about the criminal defendant. The criminal clerk provides the booking number, bail, and details about the defendant’s charges. The agent needs the details when providing a bail bond to the defendant.

Pay for the Bail Bond

The criminal defendant or their representative provides a payment or collateral for the bond. The cost of the bail bond is up to fourteen percent of the bail set by the judge. The defendant or their representative pays in cash, check, or via credit card. If they don’t have the money, the bonding agent accepts collateral such as real estate, automobiles, or jewelry.

Coordinates with Criminal Judges

Documents are filed with a criminal court judge after the bond is purchased. A judge must sign the release papers and file them with the court. The bonding agent must take copies of the document correctional officers at the county jail. The correctional officers update the defendant’s information in the jail’s computer system. Out-processing starts, and the officers return all personal items to the defendant.

Explaining the Release Terms

The officers explain the terms of the release to the defendant during out-processing. The defendant faces additional charges if they violate the terms of their release. The bail bond is revoked if a violation occurs or if the defendant doesn’t appear in court. All collateral used to secure the bond is seized if the bond is revoked.

In Texas, criminal defendants get released from jail via bail or a bail bond. The bail is set during an arraignment in most cases. A bail bondsman provides a bail bond if the defendant cannot pay the bail. The bond is available at a percentage of the bail. Criminal defendants who want to hire a Fort Worth in Bondsman are encouraged to here.

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