How a Bail Bondsman in Arlington TX Helps Defendants Charged With a Serious Felony

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Bail Bonds

A bail Bondsman in Arlington TX assists customers who want to help loved ones get out of jail after being arrested but before conviction. Sometimes the offense the person is charged with is very serious and bail is set very high.

Reasons People Choose Bail Bonds

The family may not be able to afford cash bail and may not have collateral, but they can afford a bond with a payment arrangement. In other cases, they do have the money in assets, but they don’t want to tie all that money up in bail for a long time. Bail is refunded when the case ends, but the justice system can take a very long time for a trial to be scheduled.

The Matter of Guilt or Innocence

Like a defense lawyer, a bail Bondsman in Arlington TX does not focus on whether or not the customer is guilty. That is for the prosecution to prove with evidence provided by law enforcement, investigators and witnesses. The bondsman focuses on helping defendants have their right to freedom when they have not been convicted of a crime. High bail amounts can otherwise prevent this without the option of a bond, which is provided for a relatively low percentage of the cash bail. Ten percent is standard.

The Right to Freedom Before Trial

The general public may feel a sense of outrage when a person who has been charged with a serious felony is released on bond. Sometimes this is a white-collar crime, like defrauding consumers, resulting in those men and women losing large sums of money. Sometimes the charge is for a violent crime such as homicide or sexual assault. People who know someone who has been seriously harmed by illegal drug use feel very upset when a person charged with selling those drugs is released on bond.

Nevertheless, the justice system allows for most defendants to be released on bail or even on their own recognizance if they are not viewed as a flight risk. Representatives with an agency such as Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds provide a surety bond for the service fee, posting it to the court and securing the client’s release.

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