As an employee, you need to know your rights when working in any organization. Employers are responsible for providing employees with a safe and secure place to work. If the workplace isn’t safe and secure and an injury is caused to an employee due to the actions of the employer, you can claim damages. If you have sustained an injury at work that was caused by the negligence or carelessness of your employer, you can claim compensation. However, to file a claim, you will first need to hire a workers compensation attorney.


A workers compensation attorney in Sparks, NV, can help you get the amount of money owed to you as compensation. When you first contact a compensation attorney, you will need to provide them with detailed information about your employer and the accident. Many people sustain serious injuries at work that can even lead to permanent physical disabilities. Needless to say, this can alter the course of your whole life. The least you could do is claim compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

The Process

Your workers compensation attorney will first write to the employer, highlighting the breaches in their contract and the failure to provide a safe and sound environment for the workers to operate in. If the employer agrees to the claim and decides to settle on the side, the case will be put to bed and you will receive compensation for the injuries you sustained. However, if the employer refutes the claim, your lawyer will file for a case in court and then help you prove that the injuries were caused due to the negligence of another party.