Ways a Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula Might Help

It’s not uncommon for family disagreements to get out of control. Although yelling and even screaming might occur, it’s not acceptable for one spouse to strike the other. Domestic violence is a crime regardless of whether one spouse hurt the other’s feelings or did things they didn’t like. While it isn’t always necessary to get divorced after an incident like this, the couple may need some time apart to gather their thoughts and decide what steps they want to take. A Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula may be able to help a victim get the space they need during this emotional time.

Because domestic violence is a crime, the police are often involved. This can be particularly traumatic for a family if there are children involved. Although they might be used to their parents arguing, seeing one of them arrested can be very confusing. The other parent may not be in a position to help them understand, so it’s important for anyone in this situation to get help for their kids right away. They need to understand that whatever happened between their parents, it isn’t their fault and there was nothing they could have done to prevent it.

Sometimes, the problems in a marriage are so severe; divorce is the only option. A Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula may support their client throughout the legal process, helping them get protection orders and filing the appropriate documents to ensure their children are protected from future violence. Except in rare cases, domestic violence offenders are not held in jail. Spouses, therefore, must take steps to protect themselves. While an order of protection can offer some comfort, it’s also important to take other measures. The Law Office of Michelle Penna may offer additional advice to help a client and their family remain safe.

No one wants to deal with this kind of issue in their marriage, but there are things that can be done to help a family stay safe in the short term as well as for a longer period of time if they decide divorce is the answer. Spouses who are dealing with this issue can click here to learn more about their rights and options.