What Type Of Disputes Are Managed By A Civil Law Attorney In Chico, CA?

In California, civil disputes can emerge from a variety of circumstances. In these cases, typically, a claimant is identifying some type of failure by the defendant. These failures are often associated with the completion of contracted work, disputing the rightful owner, or a failure to following standards. The following are the types of disputes managed by a Civil Law Attorney in Chico CA.

Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury cases, the victim identifies an event that led to their injuries. The type of personal injury case determines how the defendant is accountable. For example, if a doctor causes a medical error during a surgical procedure, they are liable if it causes life-altering circumstances. A civil lawsuit is filed against the doctor to collect compensation based on the patient’s losses.

Property Law Disputes

Property law disputes encompass a multitude of possibilities. They include disputes against neighbors in reference to the property lines when construction projects begin. They include a claim of ownership when there is an attempt to sell the property unlawfully. They also include contractual obligations of contractors that weren’t fulfilled appropriately.

Class Action Lawsuits and Binding Arbitration

A class action lawsuit is filed when multiple claimants file a claim together. The claims are often associated with the same service provider, manufacturer, doctor, or contractor to name a few examples. They may include utility providers or medical supplier.

Binding arbitration is similar to these lawsuits. However, a judge must agree to hear the claim and verify its validity. Next, the judge hears from each side and makes a final judgment. Unlike a lawsuit, these decisions are final, and the claimants cannot file a new claim.

Tenant and Landlord Disputes

Tenants and landlord file disputes due to a variety of reasons. They can include but are not limited to eviction, property damage, criminal actions, and overdue rental payments. A civil case provides the claimant the option to settle their differences amicably.

In California, civil disputes can arise from a multitude of occurrences. This could include contamination of water supplies, chemical spills, extensive property damage, and avoidable injuries. Victims who need legal assistance contact a Civil Law Attorney in Chico CA by visiting  today.