Social security disability income is a necessity for many people. Unfortunately, many who are legitimately disabled are erroneously denied disability benefits. When this happens, a Disability Attorney in Olympia WA should step in to prove a mistake has been made. Every working individual pays into a social security tax that is there to be used should they become disabled and unable to work. A spouse and dependent children can receive social security when a deceased relative has paid the tax as well. At any rate, social security benefits are there to be used for any qualifying reason. It’s best to utilize the services of a disability attorney in Olympia WA when initially applying for social security benefits. The chances of approval increase significantly when a lawyer handles a case from the start. Still, disabled individuals are more likely to be approved the second time around when a lawyer retires a denied claim.

Medical records with an elaborate report explaining the nature of the disability is a prerequisite in these cases. When a disability claim is denied, a new case needs to present details that were missing from the initial claim. Denied social security claims is a reality for many people who are truly disabled. The truth of the matter is the administration wants to limit the number of people on social security to save money. They already plan to deny a large number of claims as a default action in hopes some claimants won’t appeal. Applicants with lawyers may be excluded from this underhanded way of doing business.

Meet Putnam Lieb Potvin to get started on a new disability case, or to appeal a rejected claim. Disability attorneys can assist in appealing cessation letters given as notice to discontinue benefits. Disability cessation is a decision the administration makes when they feel a disabled person can find some kind of work that their impairment doesn’t interfere with. Most of the time there are no grounds proving it to be true. In disability cessation appeals, the recipient needs an ongoing medical evaluation to prove the medical issue has not improved enough for them to work. Call to schedule a consultation.