What the Virginia Lemon Law Means for You

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Lawyer

Laws differ per state. The Virginia Lemon Law, also recognized as the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act gives Virginia residents who have purchased or leased a new vehicle protection when that vehicle does not live-up to the warranty provided by the manufacturer. This law is also associated with trucks and cars that have developed significant and repetitive problems after a consumer has purchased the vehicle. The law for Virginia concerning ‘lemons’, combined with the federal law safeguards consumers who purchase a lemon. The law functions to force a manufacturer to respect their obligation, and provides consumers with a new, working car that they believed they originally bought or leased to begin with.

What Vehicles Are Covered Under Virginia’s Lemon Law?

When a resident of Virginia purchases or leases passenger vehicles that can carry up to ten passengers, including the driver, or panel trucks and pick-ups that weigh 7500 pounds or less they are protected under the lemon law. This law also covers coverage of mopeds, motorcycles, and the self-propelled chassis of a motorhome that’s motorized whether leased or purchased. Some vehicles other than autos previously mentioned may also be protected. The federal lemon law also covers all kinds of consumer automobiles, and other products like household goods, electronics, and appliances.

Legal Counsel Can Help You Find Relief

According to the lemon law in Virginia you must file claims within 18 months of the date you received the automobile. The federal lemon law also states that you are protected for the length of a warranty. When you seek the services of a lemon law attorney Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® can help you define whether you are entitled to a replacement, cash compensation, or refund. With proper legal counsel in place chances are your case will settle out of court without going to trial. When you use the services of expert lemon law attorneys you’ll find that your claim is settled as soon as possible. For more information contact yourlemonlawrights.com.

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