White Collar Crimes Attorneys in Bel Air, MD are an Invaluable Asset for Defendants

The most overwhelming part of being a white-collar defendant is the potential for a severe penalty. Most defendants have little experience with the justice system, and an uncertain future can loom large even with the help of White Collar Crimes Attorneys in Bel Air MD. Along with criminal penalties comes the chance of a civil lawsuit brought by the victim or the government. Here, readers can learn more about the consequences of white-collar crime.

Criminal Penalties

White-collar crimes have varying penalties. Laws in most jurisdictions authorize monetary fines, incarceration, or a combination thereof. Criminal laws set forth maximum penalties, some of which can be very severe, but most defendants do not receive the maximum penalty. Courts frequently abide by sentencing guidelines that ensure the uniformity of sentences and leave judges with little discretion. A defendant without a lengthy criminal record may receive probation, a suspended sentence, or a shorter jail term. Additionally, he or she may have to pay fines to the government and restitution to the victim.

Civil Liabilities

Civil cases arising from a white-collar prosecution can be initiated by the government, by the crime victim, or both. The defendant may have to surrender any profits from their criminal activity to the victim or the government, and they may have to pay other damages. A victim of a white-collar crime can bring his or her own civil action where they seek to recover for financial losses related to the offense.

Social and Employment Consequences

In addition to civil and criminal penalties, a person convicted of a white-collar crime may face social and employment stigma. Because most of these offenses involve some degree of dishonesty or deceit, an employer may be reluctant to hire a person convicted of a white-collar crime. In addition, criminal convictions may prevent a defendant from obtaining certain licenses or cause the loss of such a license.

Hire Legal Counsel

The likelihood of civil liability along with criminal charges is a troublesome factor all defendants must consider when preparing to defend themselves against white-collar charges. It is important for these defendants to consult White Collar Crimes Attorneys in Bel Air MD at  to learn more about their liability and protect their rights.

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