Questions to Be Asked Before Hiring a Criminal Law Lawyer in Williston, North Dakota

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Criminal Lawyer

Hiring a Criminal Law Lawyer in Williston, ND isn’t as easy as many people expect. Although there is the option of doing an internet search and hiring the first name that comes up, this isn’t the best way to go about the selection process. Certain questions should be answered before an attorney is hired.


Many people want to know where the attorney went to school, but one thing to remember is all attorneys pass the same bar exam. Thus, their educational background isn’t of as much importance as knowing they successfully passed the exam. It’s more important to focus on how long they have been in criminal law, how many cases are handled out of court, and how often they appear in the particular court where the case is being tried. Furthermore, it’s best to ask about how many cases they have handled with similar charges and how those cases were decided.

The Case

Upon reviewing the case, the attorney should be able to provide information about the different legal options available. In addition, they will be able to make recommendations based on the facts of the case and their prior experience with the charges and the court. They should then be able to identify potential problems and explain what happens at each stage of the process.

Management of the Case

One question many individuals never think to ask involves the management of the case. Who will be doing the actual work and who will be the point of contact at the legal firm? It is very distressing to speak to one person about the case for months only to have someone completely new show up the day of the court appearance. This type of information is of great importance when hiring an attorney.


Lawyers spend a great deal of time learning their trade and wish to be compensated for their knowledge. Discuss legal fees and how they are to be paid. In addition, be sure to ask about expenses outside of the attorney’s fee and request an estimate of these expenses during the initial consultation. Take the time to meet with more than one criminal law lawyer in Williston, ND. Many individuals, when they find they need an attorney of this type, turn to domain URL. They will be more than happy to assist you with your legal matter.

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