A Jail Bond in Clayton County is not a free loan or a simple service that should be taken lightly. When a bail bonds service makes it possible for their client to be released, they are relying on that individual to follow through with what they are required to do. People who do not go to their court dates will face additional jail time, but they could also be causing a lot of problems for their friends and family members who helped them to hire the service while they were in jail. It could result in the loss of property and wage garnishments for anyone involved with the release of the person who was arrested.

There are very few people who are able to pay their full bail costs on their own when the amount is more than a few thousand dollars. Instead of remaining in jail until their court date they have the option of hiring a bail bonds service to assist them. The company will sign paperwork to release their client promising to cover the full bail amount if the client does not appear in court as ordered. The client is required to pay for the service and the fees are usually a percentage of the bail amount. This percentage is controlled by state law and not allowed to exceed a specific amount. In addition, the client may also need to sign over collateral equal to the risk the bail bondsmen is taking and additional co-signers may also be needed to confirm they will be responsible for the bill if the client disappears.

When hiring a Jail Bond in Clayton County, it is important to understand the details of the contract. The service will often continue to stay in touch with the people they bail out until the case has gone to court. They may even attend any hearings with their client. This is done to keep the service informed about any additional charges or any schedule changes. The staff at a bail bond office is knowledgeable about the legal system and they work hard to get everyone out of jail quickly and to make the service as easy as possible. They can answer questions their clients may have, but they are not able to provide any legal advice. To learn more about how the process works Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds for information.