An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help Clients Avoid These 4 Mistakes

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Lawyers

If one tries to settle their own trucking accident claim, or if they’ve hired an auto accident attorney and want to know what they should expect during negotiations, listed here some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Not Hiring a Lawyer at the Right Time

People should know when it’s not wise to handle one’s own claim. Generally speaking, it’s probably worthwhile to hire an attorney if the fair value of the claim is above $25,000. When is a truck accident claim worth more? If fault is clear-cut (such as a rear-end impact or failure to obey a traffic signal), and the claimant’s medical bills and lost income are more than $10,000, it’s best to hire an attorney.

Not Honestly Assessing the Claim

Attorneys are trained to objectively assess every accident case, and they see its flaws as well as its strengths. The lawyer can figure out where the case’s weaknesses lie, whether it’s the assessment of fault or difficulty in documenting one’s injuries, and they can help the client determine how those weaknesses will affect the case’s settlement value.

Not Providing the Insurer with the Necessary Information

Insurers don’t settle cases unless they have all the bills and medical records that pertain to the claim. These documents could include doctor’s notes that specify how long the client should stay home from work, as well as proof of lost wages. If the trucking accident aggravated an existing condition, the insurer generally needs records pertaining to that condition. An attorney can work with the client to ensure that the insurance company has the records it needs.

Asking for Too Much

Many people make the mistake of asking for a too-high settlement. If the initial demand is excessive, insurers often choose not to respond. By hiring an attorney with Domain URL, one can arrive at a reasonable settlement amount and file the demand in a way the insurer will respond positively to.

Trucking accidents are complex cases and should not be tried without legal help. If one feels that negotiations aren’t progressing as they should, it’s best to call a local auto accident attorney to learn about one’s legal rights and potential remedies. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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