Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer on Your Side When Facing Charges

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Lawyer, Legal Services

In Texas, a criminal conviction can have a number of consequences. For one, the individual may be required to pay fines or restitution. They may also lose their right to vote, own a firearm, or serve on a jury.

Additionally, a criminal conviction can result in jail time or probation. In some cases, the individual may also be required to complete community service. A criminal conviction will also appear on the individual’s criminal record, which can make it difficult to obtain employment or housing in the future.

With so much at stake, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney before pleading guilty to any charge. A San Antonio criminal lawyer can protect your rights, help you navigate the criminal justice system, and give you the best chance of securing a favorable outcome. An experienced lawyer will know how to challenge the prosecution’s case and build a strong defense.

They will also be familiar with the policies and procedures of the court system and will be able to advocate for you at every stage of the proceedings. In addition, a criminal lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors to try to get charges reduced or dismissed.

If you are facing criminal charges, do not try to navigate the system on your own. Hire an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights and give you the best chance of success. Visit Law Office of Jesse Hernandez to learn more and request a confidential consultation with a San Antonio criminal lawyer today.

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