Victims Need a Personal Injury Law Service in Northampton MA When the Other Driver is Uninsured

Being involved in an automobile accident often means losing access to the vehicle a person uses to go to work, run errands and have fun. This can be more than a minor inconvenience when the victim doesn’t have an insurance policy that covers a rental car and the person responsible for the accident is either uninsured or underinsured. Add to that the potential for injuries as a result of the collision and an innocent driver could have a serious problem. Insurance companies are rarely sympathetic to victims, especially when the victims are not also their customers.

After contacting local law enforcement and getting treated for injuries, the most important thing for a driver faced with this unfortunate situation is to contact a Personal Injury Law Service in Northampton MA. Accident victims have rights and a lawyer might explain what the victim is entitled to and what they might need to do to get what they deserve after someone else destroyed their property and caused them injuries. The time it takes to settle an accident claim often depends on the extent of the victim’s injuries, the amount of damage to their vehicle and the narrative written by the law enforcement officer on their report.

The best Personal Injury Law Service in Northampton MA might be able to find witnesses to the accident to further support their client’s case. Eyewitnesses and surveillance cameras are some of the best evidence to prove liability in traffic accidents. When the responsible driver was uninsured, they could be held personally responsible for the damage to the victim’s vehicle and their medical bills. In these cases, a lawyer might work with their client’s insurance company to attempt to get them to pay the claim under the victim’s uninsured motorist coverage and then collect the amount they pay from the other driver themselves. If this is not possible, a lawyer may need to help their client by suing the other driver for the damages and even seizing their assets to pay the debts.

Car accidents are never enjoyable experiences but with the help of the experienced legal team from Daniel and Fontaine LLC, a victim may be able to recover the cost of repairing or replacing their vehicle and settle their accounts with medical professionals for treatment needed as a result of the crash. You can also visit them on Twitter  for more information.