Receive Compensation with the Help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Kent County

Bad things happen to people every day because of a careless or negligent act of another individual. Injuries from a careless act can financially impact an individual’s life for years to come if they don’t receive the financial compensation they deserve. An individual should never attempt to settle a case on their own and should contact a personal injury attorney in Kent County as soon as possible after an accident.

Insurance companies have many attorneys working save as much money as possible. A victim needs to have an attorney fighting aggressively on their behalf. If an individual has been provided with a settlement offer by the insurance company, they should never sign the agreement until an attorney reviews it. Once a victim signs a settlement agreement, they are no longer eligible for any claims for their injuries.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries

There is a variety of situations an individual can be injured, including automobile accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, faulty products, and premises liability accidents. These accidents come without warning and can leave an individual unable to work or with permanent injuries such as broken bones, nerve damage, permanent scarring, and brain damage. Some individuals could receive whiplash and other minor injuries that can still be compensated by a financial settlement.


An individual can receive compensation for loss of wages, pain, suffering, loss of personal property and much more. If an individual is unable to return to employment, they could receive compensation for future wages and medical expenses. If an individual loses their life as a result of their injuries, a family member can file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit is like a personal injury claim except that the money that is received will be disbursed into the estate or to the surviving family members. A personal injury attorney in Kent County can file this type of claim on behalf of the deceased individual.

If you or a loved one is injured because of a careless act of another individual or product, contact Bleakley Law Offices P.C. They have years of experience helping victims obtain the highest settlement possible.