Is there Proof? Ask a Slip and Fall Attorney in New London, CT

Slipping and falling is more than just awkward, frustrating, and embarrassing. It can result in serious injury. Imagine slipping and falling, and finding out that someone knew about the issue but chose not to act. The goal of a slip and fall injury attorney in New London, CT, isn’t just to prove that a person actually fell. Instead, it is necessary to prove that someone was at fault for the situation, something Stephen M. Reck has experience with.

Who’s to Blame?

Anyone looking at a slip and fall situation has the ability to place part of the blame on the person that fell and part of the blame on the person responsible for the area where the incident took place. The job of a slip and fall injury attorney in New London, CT, is more than just showing that a person fell. Instead, he or she must focus on where to put the blame. In order for someone to take responsibility, there must be proof. This is the challenge of representing a client in this type of situation.

Gathering Evidence

While working on the case, the goal is to gather up evidence that shows that the property owner, or someone responsible for the property, knew about the potential for a slip and fall and chose to do nothing. This is no easy task. It requires interviewing other people that were nearby when the fall happened, along with employees that worked in and around the area. If it is discovered that everyone knew that the area had the potential for risk and did nothing, it is possible to shift the percentage of responsibility to the other party, clearly showing liability.

Presenting the Proof

In cases like this, the work never ends. Even if all of the evidence has been gathered together, it still needs to be presented in court. There are situations in which the other party chooses to settle in order to avoid spending time in court. However, if both parties plan to pursue the matter legally, the work continues. In addition to establishing blame with clear proof, it is necessary to detail what happened and the injuries sustained.

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