The Bail Bonds Process in Tarantino County and What to Expect When Arrested

When someone is arrested and needs to appear in court, the judge sets a bail amount that is to be paid by the person so that they can get released from jail while they wait for their next court date. The money serves as a guarantee that the person will appear to their next court date. Once they show up, then the money is returned to them. Below is a closer look at the Bail Bonds Process in Tarrant County and the surrounding area.

What A Bail Bond Is

The average person does not have thousands of dollars laying around in case they get arrested. Fortunately, there are bail companies that can be hired to post the required amount in exchange for 10% of the total set bail. The bail amount is determined by the person’s criminal history and the seriousness of the crime committed.

The Process

Once a person is arrested, they are taken to jail and will appear before a judge the following day where bail will be set. The person must either pay the bail amount or they will wait in jail until their next court date. The Bail Bonds Process in Tarrant County can assist with the posting the necessary bail so that the person is released from jail. If the person does not show up to their court date, then the bondsman has the legal right to look for them and arrest them so they can be brought back to jail.

Bail Bondsman Has The Right To Sue

In the event the accused does not show up to their court hearing, then the bondsman has the right to sue the accused for the money that was given to the court on their behalf. Not only that, but they can also claim assets that are owned by the accused to pay for the money given on their behalf.

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