Reviewing The Most Important Factors With A Product Liability Lawyer In Beaver Dam, WI

by | May 5, 2016 | Lawyer

In Wisconsin, consumers gain protection under state and federal laws that apply to products released in the open market. They are protected against unethical manufacturers who choose to ignore risks and gain profits from consumers’ misfortunes. A Product Liability Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI helps these consumers enforce their rights after they sustain injuries.

Why Victims Need the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency has the authority to remove hazardous products from the shelves of retailers. They have the authority to investigate claims made by victims regarding injuries acquired while using these products. If the findings of their investigation demonstrate a great risk is present, they can issue a product recall. Any victims that have sustained product-related injuries should file a report with them for these reasons.

Connecting the Dots

The most vital part of a product’s liability case is to connect the dots. The victim must present a case that connects the product to their injuries directly. They must present a scenario showing how they used the product based on its packaging instructions and sustained an injury.

By connecting these dots, the victim shows that the product was a hazard to consumers. They also show why the product required warning labels to prevent these injuries. This connection presents a greater risk to the consumer that constitutes the liability of the manufacturer.

The Search for New Litigants

Consumer products that present a greater risk could produce multiple injury cases. Upon the discovery of the risk, a Product Liability Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI must seek new litigants. This allows all consumers affected by this specific product to seek damages.

Consumer Safety Violations

Any product that doesn’t present a warning label and is risky generates a consumer safety violation. If the Consumer Rights Protection Agency presents evidence to support this claim, the manufacturer is in violation of safety standards. This presents all consumers who used the product with actionable means if they became injured.

In Wisconsin, all consumers gain protection under state and federal consumer rights laws. They maintain the right to file a lawsuit if they become injured while using any product released on the market. Victims of these safety violations should seek the assistance of an attorney by contacting QBS Law S.C. Beaver Dam WI immediately.

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