Divorce Lawyers in St Charles, IL Offer Snapshot View of Filing for a Divorce

by | May 4, 2016 | Lawyer

It never enters the minds of any couple that a divorce is in the making when they say “I do.” Divorces are increasing among many families today. However, it is not so easy a task. The laws can be quite tricky and put one spouse in a bind if they are not fully aware of the laws surrounding divorce in their state. There are divorce lawyers in St Charles, IL who give potential clients a snapshot view of what they should know about filing for a divorce.

What may perhaps be wonderful news for those who want to file a divorce in Illinois is that there is only one requirement for divorce: irreconcilable differences. This means that the spouses simply don’t get along anymore. This is also referred to as a “no-fault” divorce. An example of irreconcilable differences is that the two spouses have lived apart for at least six months. That automatically means in the eyes of the law that the two cannot live together. No proof needs to be shown. However, there are other ways to show this, such as the couple no longer having sex.

When getting a divorce in Illinois, the court will decide on issues such as the division of marital property, and if there are any children, who they will live with. The court will also decide which spouse has to pay maintenance or spousal support. In the case of the children, both spouses will be required to attend a four-hours or more parenting education course. This class will help the judge determine who gets the primary responsibility for decision-making on the child’s behalf and other responsibilities concerning them.

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