Identity theft is a growing problem and forgery is part of the crime. Anyone charged with forgery faces stiff penalties. Forgery involves doing certain acts to defraud or harm someone. Examples include making bogus deeds or signing someone’s name on a check. Further, people are charged if they make fake coins and credit cards. Likewise, it is a crime to have equipment that forgers use, for example, machines that make fake credit cards.

Anyone charged with forgery should hire a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio. Texas classifies making and selling bogus identification cards as a misdemeanor. All other forgery offenses are felonies. No one wants to take a chance without a lawyer. A lawyer works to protect the accused’s constitutional rights. Additionally, they figure out how to poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

If someone is charged with felony forgery, they may need a bond hearing. People charged with serious felonies need lawyers to file bond motions. In the motion, the lawyer makes a case for the accused’s release from jail. Valid arguments include:

  • The accused is not a flight risk.
  • The accused has strong ties to the community.
  • The accused does not have a long criminal record.
  • The accused has a job.

A criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio investigates each case thoroughly. They have investigators on staff to interview witnesses and look for evidence to prove the defendant’s innocence. Further, expert witnesses are hired if necessary. In forgery cases, a handwriting expert can prove the defendant is innocent. The defense lawyer guides the accused through the entire criminal process.

There are many court appearances and the lawyer attends them all. They file motions to protect certain rights and when the lawyer thinks certain rights were violated. Finally, if the defendant wants a deal, the lawyer tries to negotiate one. Anyone charged with a crime should have a lawyer they can trust. Visit Law Office of Jesse Hernandez now to avail their services.