How Distracted Driving Can Affect Motorists in St. Petersburg, FL

If an accident happens on the road, it is easy to assume that someone was driving recklessly. In many cases, car crashes happen because one driver was just not paying attention. Distracted driving is when a driver’s attention has been pulled away by a variety of things. Technology in the hands of the driver and technology built into vehicles are some of the leading causes of distracted driving.

Research shows that every single year thousands of fatalities happen connected to distracted driving. When an auto accident lawyer in St Petersburg works with a client who was the victim of an auto accident caused by distracted driving, one of the first steps is to investigate the case and identify and prove that the at-fault individual was truly distracted.

There are several types of distractions that can affect the driver. For example, there are manual distractions. This is where a driver has something in their hands that not only demands their attention but also prevents them from being able to fully control the vehicle. This could include things like eating, talking on the cell phone, adjusting the radio, and applying makeup.

Visual distractions cause drivers to take their eyes off the road, like reading content on a cell phone, looking at passengers and conversing with them, and looking at a GPS map.

Another type of distraction an auto accident lawyer in St Petersburg may need to investigate is cognitive distractions. A cognitive distraction is something that takes the driver’s mind off the road. A driver could be daydreaming. A driver could be focusing on a stressful situation that has nothing to do with their drive.

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