Being injured on the job can disrupt your career in dire ways. You fear that your boss will enact some sort of reprisal against you for making a claim on the company’s insurance. You also worry about losing your job and not being able to earn an income for your family.

Rather than face either scenario, you can get through the process of making a claim and getting medical treatment confidently by hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL, to represent you. They can provide critical services that you need to take advantage of as an injured worker.

Protection from Reprisals

By law, your employer cannot fire you if you are able to return to work. The company cannot act out of spite simply because you got hurt and made an insurance claim. Your job should be waiting for you when you heal from your injury.

However, bosses can find ways to skirt these laws and fire you for unspecified reasons. Your lawyer can investigate your termination if necessary and find out if the employer acted honestly toward you. The company could owe you punitive damages for firing you simply for getting hurt at work.

Your attorney can also file your workers’ comp claim and pursue the damages that you are entitled to under your state’s laws. Learn more about hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL at visit us website today.