Personal Injury Lawyers in Ypsilanti MI and the Fees Assessed

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Law Firm

Most, if not all, personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti MI base their fees on a contingency schedule, as doing so allows injured parties to obtain legal representation without paying the fees upfront. The fees are not deducted until the case is won, although certain expenses may need to be paid by the client as the case progresses. This is determined by the contract signed between the victim and the attorney. However, other factors play a role in the fees charged. Thus every victim should be aware of how much an attorney can charge if the case settles before a lawsuit is filed and after the suit has been filed with the court.

Before a Suit Being Filed

When it is determined that a suit can be filed, the attorney’s first step is typically to send a letter to the responsible party and his or her representatives demanding payment for the injuries sustained and other expenses related to the case. In many cases, this letter leads to a counteroffer on the part of the other party and negotiations may begin. No lawsuit has been filed with the court at this time. If the suit is settled before a formal complaint is filed with the court, the attorney is typically limited to collecting no more than 33 percent of the settlement amount for fees.

After a Suit Has Been Filed

In the event the case is not settled following this letter, the formal complaint will be filed with the court. Once this complaint has been filed, an attorney is usually allowed to collect more in fees. In many cases, the personal injury attorney receives 40 percent of the final settlement as his or her pay for handling the case.

Find more information on personal injury lawyers in Ypsilanti MI and the fees they charge today. A person should never delay in filing a suit of this type, as each state has a statute of limitations in place regarding claims of this type. The fees are typically not payable until a case is won, so the victim does not have to pay out of pocket. This is a concern of many, as they are already experiencing financial issues thanks to the injuries sustained, time missed from work, and more. Attorney fees should not be a consideration at this time. Don’t hesitate to call me anytime at 734 887 6079 for free consultation.

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