You can, under the lemon law, pursue the dealer or manufacturer if your new vehicle has defects or does not comply with state standards for compensation or refund. It is even better to hire a Texas lemon law attorney for the following reasons.

Ability To Counter Defendant Claims

Manufacturers and dealers frequently encounter consumer law issues. They already have a team of lawyers to pursue their interests at a lower cost than a plaintiff. An experienced lemon attorney will protect you from their trickery. Mastery of the state laws helps lemon lawyers to prove that a manufacturer or seller has not complied with standards.

Assistance with Litigation

Unfamiliarity with all applicable laws and inexperience can make you lose a case. Representation by a lawyer saves you from the rigors of managing litigation alone.

A Texas lemon law attorney has the training and experience to pursue consumer cases without intimidation by the other side. Advocates take you through all steps of the process and help you gather the information that supports the pursuit of consumer rights.

Better Deal

Manufacturers usually respond to claims by combining with their lawyers to negotiate a small settlement. A Texas lemon law attorney is more likely to get maximum compensation due to familiarity with consumer protection and state laws. An attorney can point out laws that help you get more compensation than your planned claims. The manufacturer or dealer will pay the attorney fees if you win the case.

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