Obtaining a Jail Bond for Dekalb County When Someone Is Arrested for Felony Littering

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Lawyer

People can be shocked to discover that littering in Georgia is a crime. Depending on the amount of debris left behind, the second offense could be a felony. Someone who has been arrested for littering after a previous conviction will be held in jail and will probably be required to pay bail for release. This defendant may need to have a family member arrange for a jail bond for Dekalb County.

Obtaining a Bond

A Jail Bond for Dekalb County can be obtained for this person by contacting an agency providing surety bonds, filling out an application and paying the service fee once the application is approved. These agencies usually process applications at all times of day, any day of the week. Surety bonds can be posted at jails 24 hours a day as well.


Georgia takes littering seriously, even though the first offense is a misdemeanor. A judge can order the person to pay a fine of up to $1,000. The person may be ordered to clean up a park or other public area as a community service requirement in addition to the monetary penalty.

Felony Littering

Littering includes dumping waste material or dead animals on public or private property, and along roads. Felony littering in this state involves discarding rubbish weighing more than 500 lbs. and a previous conviction of littering.

It may seem unlikely that anyone would dump 500 lbs. of trash on the ground somewhere, but some men and women have heavy materials to get rid of. They don’t want to pay money to do so. They may have nowhere to freely dispose of pavement they have excavated, for instance, or asphalt shingles they have torn off the roof before replacement.

People tend to search for hidden spots like the far end of a big rural public park that hardly anyone ever visits. Other spots where large amounts of litter are found include at bottoms of cliffs and hills in relatively remote areas. If someone has been arrested for this type of behavior, he or she may be released with the assistance of an organization like Free at Last Bail Bonds.

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