Main Reasons Injury Victims Should Speak With an Auto Accident Attorney in Van Nuys

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Lawyers

After someone has been injured because of a car crash caused by another driver’s careless behavior, that driver’s automotive insurance company will likely contact the injured person. The insurance adjuster will begin working to determine the amount of compensation to be paid. In this situation, is it still advisable for the victim to consult an auto accident attorney in Van Nuys? Actually, there are several reasons why a free consultation is a smart move.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation

When the insurance company appears to be cooperative, the main reason to hire an auto accident attorney in Van Nuys is to make sure the maximum amount of reasonable compensation is paid. Accident victims often don’t realize how much money they are entitled to after a severe injury. They probably expect the settlement to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage, but they could deserve more.

Intangible Aspects and Additional Expense

Without a lawyer like Scott D. Oppenheim providing legal representation and skilled negotiation methods, people often receive a lower settlement than they deserve. The settlement the insurer is offering may not include payments for pain and suffering, reduced quality of life during the months of recovery, psychological distress, or permanent scarring. The person may deserve compensation for expenses that are not strictly medical or related to vehicle damage. That could include costs for taxi service, adaptive equipment, and housekeeping services.

Maximum Medical Improvement

The accident victim may not understand that once a settlement offer is accepted, there is no way to reverse that acceptance. If the agreement is made before the doctor verifies the patient has reached maximum medical improvement, more medical expenses could occur. The person’s own health insurance may not cover those expenses because of a high deductible or may only cover part of the cost because of a co-pay.

Useful Insight

A survey by the Insurance Research Council found that 50 percent of accident victims who scheduled a consultation with an attorney did so at the recommendation of someone they trust. That might be a family member, a close friend, or the person’s doctor. Information about an injury lawyer can be seen at Website.

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