A person works a job to earn money to take care of themselves and their families. When performing their job, they expect to be safe from risks and injuries. There are many organizations and programs that help maintain standards to ensure safety for employees. Unfortunately, injuries can still happen at work. The medical costs and lost wages can be crippling for the injured employee. Fortunately, an L&I attorney in Centralia, WA can assist in getting the benefits needed to cover these losses.

What Is an L & I Attorney?

An L & I Attorney, or Labor and Industry attorney, is an attorney that specializes in labor and industry law. These attorneys can assits employees that have been injured at work. These attorneys provide assistance in filing and receiving workers’ compensation. They also assist with injuries and diseases caused by the workplace. These attorneys provide assistance in getting the costs and care needed for employees to recover from these workplace illnesses and injuries.

What Is Workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a program that provides workers benefits to cover medical care and treatment for an injury at work regardless of who is at fault for the injury. If the injury is severe, they can even cover part of the lost wages, retraining, or pension benefits to help care for the injured worker. Unfortunately, workers are often denied legitimate claims for workers’ compensation. In these situations, an L&I attorney in Centralia, WA may be necessary.

How Can an attorney help?

An attorney will review the case of an injured worker and determine the details and costs the injury caused. They will then pursue a claim against the workers’ compensation insurance to get the right compensation to cover the costs of the injury. The attorneys will assist with the appeals process and fight to get a fair compensation. If the injury was caused by a third party, they may be able to seek damages from them as well.

An injury at work can be a devastating experience. It can cause high medical bills and often cause a person to be unable to work for a period of time. For more severe injuries and illnesses, the employee may never be able to return to work. These workers deserve compensation for their injuries and losses. If injured at work, meet Putnam Lieb Potvin, Attorneys at Law to review the case.