Defining The Outcome With A Personal Injury Attorney In Pittsburgh, PA

by | May 23, 2018 | Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, dog attacks are often caused by a failure to prevent access to the animal. Pet owners face liabilities if they don’t follow local city ordinances and regulations. The laws require the pet owners to use leashes when their dog is outside. A Personal Injury Attorney in Pittsburgh PA represents victims who sustain injuries during a dog attack.

The Initial Report for the Dog Attack

The doctor providing emergency treatment is bound by law to report the animal and his or her owner to the animal control officer. The report must provide the owner’s address and contact information if available. If not, the victim must tell the doctor where they were when the attack occurred. The animal control officer launches an investigation immediately.

Are the Injuries Life-Threatening?

If the injuries are life-threatening, the dog is removed from the home. The dog is assessed by a licensed vet to determine if the animal poses a threat to the public. Typically, when dogs produce life-threatening injuries, they are classified as dangerous. The vet’s report determines if the dog is euthanized or if it is rehomed.

Was the Victim at Fault?

A dog attack case is dismissed if the victim caused their injuries. Deliberately provoking and abusing the dog makes the victim liable, and their legal claim is dismissed. Any evidence that shows the victim broke the law leads to criminal charges. Additional criminal acts that lead to a dog attack are home invasions and trespassing.

The Potential Outcome

If the dog was involved in previous attacks, the pet owner faces a strict liability. The stronger liability requires the owner to pay all medical expenses of the victim. The owner could also face criminal negligence charges. The court requires the owner to pay tort-based awards, too.

In Pennsylvania, dog attacks are a result of negligent owners or victims who break the law. The direct cause of the attack defines if the victim has the legal grounds to file a lawsuit. Previous histories of attacks determine if owners face a strict liability. Victims that need assistance from a Personal Injury Attorney in Pittsburgh PA contact the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas right now.

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