Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Rapids MI After Falling In A Business

by | May 10, 2018 | Lawyer

If someone takes a tumble when walking around inside of a business’ building, proving the accident was the fault of those tending to the floors is necessary if compensation is desired. Many people take businesses to court when injuries are sustained because of poor maintenance of flooring being utilized by the public. Here are some steps to take immediately after the fall occurs to increase the chance of a positive outcome in a court of law.

Get Medical Assistance To Prove Injuries Are Real

It is extremely important to retain documentation from a medical provider showing that the injuries incurred are due to the floor condition. Call an ambulance as soon as the fall occurs and stay on the floor until they arrive. Walking away from the scene could lead to someone trying to quickly repair the floor, so its condition is altered. Make sure to follow up with all doctor’s appointments and get prescriptions filled promptly. This information will be scrutinized if a court case is conducted. Failure to keep up with medical needs leads to the possibility of forfeiture of compensation as it will look as if the injuries were not as extensive as the plaintiff claimed.

Take Photographs Of The Area Where The Fall Occurs

When waiting for an ambulance to arrive, snap photographs of the spot where the fall happened. Make sure to include some of the body in the pictures if possible. This makes it easier for those who will be assessing the case to see how the fall had happened and what type of injuries were the result of the incident. The pictures will also prove that the floor condition was inadequate at the time of the fall.

Speak With An Attorney And Retain Representation

Calling a Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Rapids MI soon after the accident will help to get a head start in compiling information for a court case. An attorney will help get a hold of witnesses that saw the accident. They will also track down any surveillance footage on-site, so it is usable in court.

When there is a need to retain a reputable Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Rapids MI, finding one with plenty of experience in similar cases is necessary. Contact Bleakley Law Offices P C to find out more today.

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