A Traffic Defense Lawyer Around Beaver Dam WI Represents Clients Cited After a Collision

It’s not always easy to determine who is at fault in a car accident. A driver who believes that police officers were incorrect in determining responsibility may want to hire a Traffic Defense Lawyer Around Beaver Dam WI for assistance. The lawyer may be able to have the citation dismissed. If a judge decides this driver was not at fault or that fault is impossible to determine, the driver then will not be liable for claims against his or her automotive policy.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents usually are considered the fault of the driver in back. The person should not have been traveling close enough to hit the car in front no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes, however, there are additional factors involved. A slick road due to sleet may prevent the driver in the rear from stopping in time if the driver in front brakes suddenly. If police issue a citation anyway, this person will need to provide the judge with verification of the road conditions on that day at the specific time of the incident.

Side Impacts

Side impacts can be more difficult to evaluate in regard to responsibility. Sometimes the driver who hits another car ran a red light, but in other cases, the driver whose car was broadsided ran a red light. In some instances, one light may have been yellow. An attorney with an organization such as QBS Law provides legal representation if it appears that the wrong driver was indeed cited. Click here for information on this particular law firm.

Conflicting Reports

There are times when no witnesses are at the scene and both drivers swear they had the right of way. They insist their light was green or that they arrived at the four-way stop sign first. If the exact time of the accident is documented, a Traffic Defense Lawyer Around Beaver Dam WI may be able to determine which driver actually did have the green light. This can happen as long as the traffic lights at the intersection are timed to always change automatically. The situation with the four-way stop may be impossible to figure out, however. You can also visit them on Google My Business.