Improving Your Chances Of Winning A Disability Hearing

by | May 10, 2017 | Lawyer

A very small percentage of applicants for Social Security disability benefits win when they first apply, at least three quarters of all applications are denied which will take the applicant into the appeals process. It’s at this time that a seasoned disability attorney in Chicago should be hired; your chances of success will be considerably higher when you are represented.

Before your hearing date:

You or your attorney will be notified about a month prior to the date of your hearing. This is the time when any new medical evidence that you have obtained should be submitted. The Administrative Law Judge that will hear your case wants current records, nothing older than three months.

The judge will review your current evidence prior to your hearing. The majority of ALJs like to be well prepared with questions that are pertinent to your specific disability and case.

Submit a brief:

Your disability attorney in Chicago will be charged with the responsibility of preparing a brief, a document that provides background information on why you should be granted benefits; the brief support the new medical evidence that was presented earlier. The brief is usually provided to the Administration ten days prior to the hearing, this gives the judge time to review it and consider the content.

The hearing:

Although the hearing is not as formal as what you would expect in a court of law, it is still a legal proceeding and as such you should treat it that way. The Administrative Law Judge will have by this time an understanding of your case; this will be the basis for the questions he or she will pose. As you will have been prepared prior to the hearing by your disability attorney in Chicago, you should have a very good idea what to expect and how to handle it.

There is no doubt that you stand a far better chance of being granted disability benefits when you are represented by an experienced disability attorney.

If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits you can benefit considerably when you have a seasoned disability attorney in Chicago at your side. For a free evaluation of your case you are invited to contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown on their website

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