Traffic accidents occur all the time everywhere. Some accidents involve two cars or more. Some accidents are between automobiles and motorcycles. Other accidents occur with automobiles and large trucks. All accidents have the potential to be serious, but whenever an accident occurs with a large truck, injuries are likely to be worse. Fatalities can more easily happen with tractor trailers due to the sheer size of the truck. When such accidents occur, the injured victim should consult an attorney. A Truck Accident Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania represents clients involved in those accidents. Here are things clients should know about truck accidents.

Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth in which accidents involving automobiles and trucks are labeled as no-fault accidents. This means that each driver must turn to his or her own insurance company first to seek compensation for medical expenses and other losses that occur because of the accident. However, drivers in Pennsylvania have the option to get an insurance policy with tort-based coverage. If injured parties are indeed going to pursue a lawsuit, they must comply with the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania. The parties have two years from the date of the accident to file the lawsuit in a civil court.

It is also important for the injured parties to understand that in Pennsylvania, the modified comparative negligence rule is applied. This means that the other party can try to prove that the injured party is partly responsible for the accident. If that is found to be so, any amount of damages that will be awarded will be reduced by the percentage the injured party is found to be at fault. However, if the injured party is found to be more than 50 percent at fault, he or she will collect nothing.

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