When Should You Consider Hiring A Workers Comp Lawyer?

by | May 4, 2017 | Lawyer

If you are injured on the job you can claim for workers compensation, there are certain situations where you should also contact a Chicago workers compensation lawyer.

If your injuries are severe and you end up in surgery or your injuries are such that you attending doctor believes that your health will never return to what is was before the accident then you should consider getting legal help. The same holds true if you won’t be able to resume your job or perhaps you can’t hold any job for any length of time. These are the types of circumstances that can never be covered by workers compensation and you will have to sue for adequate compensation.

You are free to hire a lawyer:

You are entitled to engage a Chicago workers compensation lawyer regardless of the circumstances. If your injuries are life altering and you will be disabled for the rest of your life a skilled lawyer can help you receive the medical attention and lifelong compensation benefits that you are entitled to and deserve.

Even if your injuries are not such that you will be permanently disabled, you may find yourself in a dispute with your employer or the insurance company that handles the workers comp policy. If this is the case, hire a lawyer immediately. Workers compensation cases are extremely complex, if you try to settle without the guidance of a skilled Chicago workers compensation lawyer, you will be placing yourself at serious disadvantage.

Free consultation:

Most lawyers that deal with workers comp cases will discuss your case at no initial cost. The lawyer will look closely at the background of the case and assess the need for legal representation. If it appears that you have a valid case the lawyer will represent you on a contingency basis, you will only be liable for legal fees if the lawyer wins your case.

If you are injured at work and it appears there will be a dispute or your injuries are such that you are facing a lifetime of problems then you need to hire a Chicago workers compensation lawyer to represent your interests. You are invited to contact Shea Law Group. Follow us on Google+.

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