Identifying Circumstances Provide a Viable Claim with a Wrongful Death Lawyer

In Georgia, certain circumstances could define wrongful death. These circumstances may occur in a variety of events whether a fatality was intended or not. In court proceedings, families file a claim based on these avoidable circumstances to acquire compensation. A wrongful death lawyer provides clarity for these circumstances and determine if the family has a viable claim against the accountable party.

Wrongful Death in Automobile Accidents

In automobile accidents, a wrongful death happens when the accountable driver’s choices led to the fatality. The driver is accountable if they were intoxicated at the time of the accident. Moving violations such as reckless driving or speeding are also actions that make them liable for the fatality. The accident report and the witnesses could support the family’s claim against the driver. If a DUI existed, the criminal court will also prosecute the driver.

How Medical Malpractice Leads to Wrongful Death

Wrongful death in a medical malpractice could reside in a variety of circumstances. They could include a failure to disclose all risks for a procedure or medication choice. These circumstances could apply to a failure to provide adequate medication or treatment for a fatal illness that could have been cured at an earlier stage. It could also happen when a doctor makes a tragic error based on a lack of training.

If wrongful death is proven, the doctor may face economical and punitive damages. The state may also terminate their medical license since they may present a risk to all future patients.

Wrongful Death and Product’s Liabilities

A manufacturer is guilty of wrongful death when a fatality occurred due to the use of their product. A warning label is required for all products that could present a deadly risk under certain conditions. If these conditions produced a fatality without proper warning, the manufacturer is guilty of wrongful death.

In Georgia, families reserve the right to seek compensation for funeral expenses and medical requirements through a lawsuit. Under wrongful death laws, they have the right to seek justice against the negligent party. Families that need to hire a wrongful death lawyer should visit Website Domain to schedule an appointment today.

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