Hiring an Accident Attorney in Annapolis

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Lawyer

Anyone who is involved in a traffic accident involving personal injury is quickly confronted with a criminal case for negligent bodily harm. For every traffic accident involving personal injuries, the police initiate an investigation against the alleged offender. An Accident Attorney in Annapolis should be able to defend their client against any allegations of negligent personal injury. They know which “tricks” are successful in order to stop the process from going to trial. Most insurance policies allow drivers to be covered if something like this happens.

What is a negligent bodily harm and what are the consequences of the offender? A negligent personal injury is standardized in state and federal criminal codes. It is designed to protect the physical integrity and health of any person on the road. Therefore, anyone who commits a traffic offense which results in a personal injury to another driver or passenger is subject to an investigation by the police or the public prosecutor. It is not necessary to have attempted bodily injury. Rather, it is enough to have caused the injuries, at least, while ignoring proper road etiquette.

In addition to the actual fines or imprisonment, the accused can receive, a revocation of their driver’s license is also a possibility. In addition, a traffic accident with related negligent bodily injury is a serious offense. An investigation into negligent bodily injury should not be taken lightly because of these serious consequences by the accused. This is why most people hire an Accident Attorney in Annapolis. Does the injured person have to make a criminal complaint against the person causing the accident?

A negligent bodily injury is a so-called relative application penalty. This means that the public prosecutor’s office or the police will act whenever a criminal complaint is made OR if they consider that the act is of public interest. It is, therefore, not absolutely necessary for the victim of a traffic accident to make a criminal complaint. It is also possible to initiate criminal proceedings when public interest is available. According to prevailing opinions, the public’s interest is a question of assessment at the discretion of the public prosecutor. Often the public’s interest in a personal injury in case of a traffic accident by the prosecutor is made on the grounds that the accident took place on public roads. Contact the Jaklitsch Law Group for more information.

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