A Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati OH Helps Clients When the Other Parent Challenges Child Custody

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Lawyer

Family court judges do not make changes to child custody arrangements without sufficient reasons to do so. Decades ago, judges tended to rule in favor of mothers who wanted to have or regain custody as long as they met certain acceptable standards for parenting. Those days are gone for the most part. However, if the noncustodial parent discovers evidence of questionable behavior, a judge may grant the petition for a change. A Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati OH can help fathers retain custody with professional legal representation and by providing important tips on how not to sabotage this effort.

If the father has primary custody or full physical custody of the children, the mother typically has a tough fight ahead if she wants to change this arrangement. But if she learns something about the father that could call his suitability as a full-time parent into question, now he’s the one facing trouble. For example, a Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati OH would strongly encourage custodial parents not to make a habit of getting drunk when the kids are there or spending a lot of time partying at bars. That could make a judge wonder whether the person’s parenting skills are being compromised by this behavior, and even whether the children are in an unsafe situation.

One way a custodial parent can ruin his or her chances of maintaining the status quo is getting involved with drug use or other illegal activity. One conviction of driving under the influence may not convince a judge to make any changes, but becoming a repeat offender will be a red flag. Being arrested for possession of marijuana or another controlled substance creates a serious risk of losing custody.

Family court judges tend to rule on the basis of whether the current situation is in the best interests of the child or not. This doesn’t meant they will transfer custody because the other parent is now making substantially more money than the other, but rather that the child is thriving and not coming to any physical or emotional harm. A parent who is facing the possible loss of primary custody may want to hire a firm such as Engel & Martin, which provides information at website.

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