The Most Common Areas a Business Law Attorney in DeKalb Can Assist with

Entrepreneurs seldom open a business out of love for the legal aspects that surround owning a company. Most businesses can operate without the need for legal intervention, but many items require the expertise of a business law attorney in DeKalb. An attorney can provide a business owner with legal support from beginning to end, and provide peace of mind should serious issues arise in the future. While there are many areas that a business lawyer may be able to help with, the following represent those that are most commonly requested.

Business Formation

One of the trickiest things for any business owner to determine is what type of structure will best suit the needs of their activities now and as the company grows. An attorney can help describe the differences between a sole proprietorship and a corporate formation, and why one is more suited to the needs of an organization over others. It is important to choose the right route at the beginning, as changing it can be complicated in the future.

Contract Creation

A business will need a variety of contracts to operate legally and help mitigate the liability that the firm has to take on. Many business owners use generic forms, but these can lack important terms and contain holes that will leave a business owner susceptible to legal action in the future. Trust a business law attorney in DeKalb to help create any contracts that are needed, so the owner can rest assured they are iron clad.

Operation Agreements

Working with independent contractors can be a great way for a company to outsource work without having to take on the responsibility of employees. While a viable option, it is important to have the proper agreements with contractors and vendors in place so individuals can be held responsible for the work they complete. Don’t agree to let anyone perform any work for a company unless the required agreements are drawn up and enforceable in a court of law.

Entrepreneurs who are looking to avoid the headaches associated with legally operating a business should contact The Cosentino Law Firm. Their team of business law professionals can help anyone navigate the most stressful situations and provide support to keep issues from forming in the future. Visit the website for more information, and see how easy and affordable staying legal should be.

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