Essential Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

by | May 16, 2024 | Attorney

Approximately 4.7 percent of the population gets some form of disability benefits, according to the Social Security Administration. While this is a relatively small portion of workers, you can certainly find yourself in this predicament if you get injured or sick before retirement age. That’s when you need to contact an experienced Social Security disability attorney. Here’s why.

Strong Credentials

A qualified Social Security disability attorney in Tucson not only has bachelor’s and law degrees, he or she must also study Social Security law and pass a certification test to practice in that field. These lawyers also spend much of their days in courtrooms, helping clients win disability benefits.

Pay Only When You Win

Most Social Security attorneys will not charge you in advance for services. Instead, they’ll earn a certain percentage of the backpay you’re awarded if and when you win your case. This amount is usually the lesser amount of 25 percent of your backpay award or $6,000.

Ease Your Mind

The process for winning disability benefits can take up to three years. During this time, you’re likely to get discouraged and frustrated, especially if you don’t have an income. Your Social Security disability attorney in Tucson can help ease your mind by telling you about other people with your condition who got disability benefits.

Hearing Advocate

Your Social Security disability attorney in Tucson can be a great asset at your hearing. Your lawyer may coach you on how to answer various questions from the judge. He or she will also argue your case in court and even counter any suggestions the vocational makes about your ability to still work certain jobs.

When you search for a Social Security disability attorney, call different law firms in your area. Select the one that is familiar with your medical condition and has helped others win disability benefits with the same ailment or injury.

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