TBI Victims Need a Social Security Disability Attorney in Chicago

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Lawyers

Families with a member who suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be devastated. TBIs are serious injuries to the brain caused by events including car accidents and falls. The Social Security Administration (SSA) treats TBI victims like people who suffer from serious conditions like stroke and epilepsy. If symptoms match typical symptoms associated with those conditions, one automatically receives disability. However, the results of a TBI range from temporary amnesia to a permanent coma. Further, some impairments heal quicker than others, while others may need more rehabilitation.

TBI symptoms include seizures of all types and speech impairments such as slow or slurred speech. The help of a social security disability attorney in Chicago, may be necessary. They have the experience to show SSA how a TBI is similar to other conditions. For example, all seizure disorders are evaluated under the guidelines of epilepsy. SSA’s requirements to automatically receive benefits for epilepsy include:

* Seizures more than once a month.

* Daytime episodes with convulsions and loss of consciousness

* Seriously affects daytime activity

The hard part of getting SSA to approve traumatic brain injuries is that most are closed-head injuries, or CHI’s. CHIs occur when head trauma sets the brain in motion inside the skull. As a result, the brain may be damaged in several ways. The surface of the brain can be bruised as a result of a blow. Likewise, another trauma can damage axons, the wiring inside the brain. Unfortunately, injuries to the axons do not show up on CTs or MRIs. Victims definitely need attorneys to prove this condition to the SSA.

Some TBI victims may also be classified as having strokes. This occurs if they have problems resulting in ineffective speech or disruption in walking and the use of limbs. Additionally, victims may qualify under organic mental disorders—cognitive or emotional changes that come from brain injury. These changes must significantly disrupt daily activity. TBI’s show how important it is to have proper medical documentation when applying for disability benefits. Every medical incident and symptom must be recorded. Experienced attorneys are beneficial in getting the necessary paperwork from the doctor.

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