Washington has an interesting workers compensation system. For instance, the system is called LI, which is short for Department of Labor and Industries. Further, Washington is one of only four states where the state manages workers’ injuries.

Learning About LI

A Workers Compensation Attorney in Lacey WA explains the system to clients. That is because injured workers must follow the system’s rules and regulations to be compensated. Basically, LI is similar to a state-run insurance company. On the other hand, the state allows some companies to be self-insured.

Benefits For Injured Workers

Medical payments, vocational training, and a weekly check are a few of the benefits provided under LI. Not all workers agree with the amounts of their weekly checks. That is because the amount is 60 to 75 percent of the worker’s paycheck. Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Lacey WA to file a protest if necessary.

Workers can file written protests to many decisions on their claim. Further, there is an appeals process if protests are denied.

Attorney Fees

Attorneys are allowed to collect 30-percent of any increase in benefits following a protest or appeal. However, many attorneys will not handle appeals on medical-only cases. If there is no monetary recovery, the attorney cannot get paid.

Settling A LI Case

Injured workers who are 50 and above may be considered for a structured settlement. This type of settlement is ideal for those who are planning an early retirement. The state awards a set amount of money that will be paid to the claimant over time.

Workers with a permanent partial disability are also entitled to a settlement. Those with a permanent partial disability can still work. However, their ability to work is impaired. Workers who are permanently disabled may be entitled to a pension.

The state does not make it easy to get the pension. Experts say claimants almost never get a pension without a lawyer. In addition, the claimant needs documented medical evidence. The state has the right to send the worker for an Independent Medical Examination, or IME. These doctors will try and prove the worker is not disabled.

It pays to have legal representation in these claims. For more information, visit an attorney’s website and click where it says contact us.