Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney in Lancaster County, PA

Domestic violence refers to the use of fear, force, and threat of violence to intimidate another person. It can be sexual, economic, psychological, emotional or physical in nature and it isn’t just restricted to spousal relationships. Since victims usually feel trapped, it may be difficult for them to seek help or advice. This leads to a cycle of emotional and physical brutality with the victim feeling helpless or powerless to stop the abuse.

Requires Expert Legal Advice for Successful Resolution

When domestic violence occurs in spousal relationships, the victimized partner may be fearful of leaving due to the possible consequences. This mostly occurs in situations where children are involved since the affected partners feel that they lack the resources to support themselves and the children. Although there are organizations that focus on helping victims, a lot of cases are complex and will require expert legal advice for successful resolution.

Obtaining Protection and Restraining Orders for Victims

In such cases, the best option for victims is to engage the services of a domestic violence attorney in Lancaster County, PA. This type of attorneys can help the victims by obtaining protection and restraining orders which will prohibit the abuser from being near to the victim. The restraining order usually specifies that the abuser can not make physical contact or get within a certain distance of the victim. Refusal to cooperate or willful defiance of the order will result in serious legal repercussions. Such orders could also prohibit the abuser from possessing firearms.

Filing a Domestic Violence Lawsuit

Depending on the nature of the case and the victim’s preference, the attorney could file a lawsuit. Such a lawsuit enables victims to recover the money spent on medical expenses and to gain compensation for the suffering and pain they have endured. If the abuser and victim are in a spousal relationship, the domestic violence lawyer can file for divorce on behalf of the victim. They also assist the victim through the entire process and ensure that they get adequate child and spousal support as well as a fair share of the marital property.

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