Millions of claims for Social Security disability benefits are made each year. As unfortunate as it may be, about two-thirds of the applicants are refused benefits. For those who sincerely believe their claim is valid, they can appeal the initial decision. It is at this stage of the claims process that denied applicants should engage the services of a Social Security law firm in Tennessee. Choosing the right law firm can make the difference between winning the appeal or a further denial of benefits.

There have been many studies conducted; the results show that claimants who hired a seasoned Social Security law firm were more likely to have their claim approved than those applicants who elected to appeal without the help of a lawyer.

Finding the right law firm:

The law is complex; lawyers and law firms tend to specialize in a certain field. It is not overly difficult to find a lawyer to take your case. Finding one that specializes in Social Security disability matters is not as easy. For you to get the right lawyer, you must ask the right questions.

   * It is understandable that a disabled individual will be concerned about the status of the appeal, and it is important that the Social Security law firm in Tennessee that you choose is accessible. Do not hesitate to discuss your concern. Knowing in advance what to expect can go a long way to prevent future anxiety.

   * Experience in Social Security law is of paramount importance. Make sure the firm you are discussing your case with is experienced and understands the nuances and complexity of the appeals process.

   * Personality also is a factor. You will be working closely with your lawyer; things will go much smoother if you feel comfortable working with him or her. Depending on how far your appeal goes, you may be working together for some time.

With the right law firm, the chances of winning Social Security disability benefits are far better than if you were to handle your situation without the help of seasoned lawyers.

If you are disabled and have been refused benefits, you need to hire a Social Security law firm in Tennessee to help with your appeal. For a free evaluation of your case, contact The Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Follow us on twitter.